As a team, we decided that we did not like what was going on in the area of personal finance. We felt that there were not enough places where people could go for help. Therefore, we decided to put together this website so that people would be able to find out some useful information. We put together some articles which have relevant information, clear explanations and ideas on things that can be done so that people can improve their financial situation. We want to make a difference and to do that we know that we need to reach out to people, on a level that they understand to show them practical steps that they can take to improve things. Therefore, we hope that you will enjoy this website and find that the information is relevant to you. We hope that you will read through the information and find that it does relate to you, that you understand it and feel comfortable with it. We hope that the explanations are clear and that you will use them to help you to improve your situation and to make a big difference to your life. A few changes is all it takes to carry you on to making a really big difference.